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Recycle to Keep it Green and Safe

Hardware and software manufacturers are in a constant battle to create the next best thing. While hardware companies work to raise the bar, software companies are hard at work finding ways to use the new hardware. Sometimes, this means we need, or want, the latest technology. Balancing this need, or want, with the needs of our environment can pose a bit of a challenge sometimes. To meet this need we have been offering recycling services to our community for the past couple of years.

Our objective it to reuse parts and full systems, by finding a good home for anything that remains serviceable or that can be repaired, and to recycle 100% of what remains.

Protect your Data and the Environment

Beyond keeping computers out of the landfills, this service also gives us the opportunity to serve our customers and the community by providing an option for dealing with the sensitive personal or business data often stored on that computer. Hard drives are removed and passed through a process that will safely and securely destroy all of the data that it once contained. Hard drives that are physically damaged, or no longer serviceable, and physically destroyed.

Contact us today, there is no charge for this service. In many cases we can even pick your items up.

ITEX Members Special Offer

In the coming weeks we will be rolling out a special pilot program for members of our community that also belong to the ITEX Marketplace. If you are interested in obtaining details about this program or would like more information about ITEX please contact us.